Nikita scoop salads will display best in your shop if they are given the treatment they deserve. Here are a few handy tips that will stimulate your sales:

  1. Always keep your salads between 0°C and 4°C, this way you will never have storage-life problems.
  2. Use the "first in - first out" principle.
  3. do not stir salads (to avoid contamination).
  4. Never mix old leftovers with a new box.
  5. Use a seperate spoon for each salad.
  6. Never freeze salads, freezing causes the suace to seperate.
  7. Never add additional ingredients or additives, avoid contamination.
  8. Arrange the various salads in your display case so the colours alternate.
  9. At night, close up the containers thoroughly with a lid.
  10. Avoid touching the salad with your hands, always use a spoon.






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