1960 De Korenbloem sees the light of day. This company of skilled workmen concentrates on the production and sale of cheese, cheese spreads and butter.
1961 De Korenbloem starts the production of salads. This is done under the Valma brand name. Later, the brand was changed to De Korenbloem.
1981 De Korenbloem acquires the Kesteloot company At that time this company was the Belgian market leader in lumpfish roes.
1984 De Korenbloem acquires competitor Olma. Like De Korenbloem, Olma produces fresh salads and sauces.
1987 In Herk-de-Stad a completely new building complex is constructed.
1990 The Irish Dairy Board – an international food-products company with sales offices in more than 100 countries - incorporates De Korenbloem into its group. The name De Korenbloem is changed to Nikita.
1995 Nikita acquires the Ferme d'Ophain company. Ferme d'Ophain manufactures aperitif snacks.
2000 Nikita acquires Home Made Foods-Vivandy.
2004 Nikita remodels ans expands the existing buildings to meet the newest BRC standards.
2006 Nikita acquires the Bioké company and starts with the production of veggie spread.
2011 Bieze Food Groep incorporates Nikita into its group.
2014 Nikita lauches Spreadable FRNDS and wins the 1st nomination Gouden Tavola Retail 2014 !
2014 Nikita goes C.S.R. !




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